Do you receive junk messages all the time? Or multiple unknown missed calls at odd hours?

Ever wondered what could be the reason your phone number is out there with some strangers? Are you wondering how your phone number reaches out to these strangers and wondering what they could possibly do with it? It’s simple. In this digital era, there are a lot of websites we visit daily. And to access certain information we are asked to provide with a valid mobile number and email id. Both of this information are kept mandatory forcing us to reveal this precious information to the third party.

Our phone is more like our vault. It has data and documents that we do not wish to share with anybody and our phone number is linked with banks and for personal identification. A lot can be known to cyberpunks by our phone number. So, next time when you think of letting out your phone number for no reason think twice. Or thrice. And decide wisely.

Generate Phone Number By Country

When can you use Fake Phone Numbers?

There are multiple scenarios where you may require to have a fake phone number. Just because you want to keep your number safe, you would wish only if you would have some other number. Or in some cases, you may also shuffle a digit here and there. But this may not work while logging in to most of the website. It may show as invalid. In these scenarios you may go ahead and make use of a fake number generator to find a fake number that you can use any time for such genuine purposes.

Next time that troublesome salesperson asks your phone number, do not shout over and create a scene. Rather have some fun and hand him/her a fake phone number from our number. It will be fun as this number may look like a valid number that is not working or getting connected. This is what you wanted right!. Getting all the details without giving away your personal details.

To access websites and reports, sometimes your whole personal information will be asked. You are jotting down the filling area with the details. Name done. City done. Email id done. Phone number? That’s where you began to hesitate thinking, letting out your phone number can result in a number of spam and missed calls. You do not want to waste your time sitting over and blocking them. That’s when our fake number generator comes handy. So, use our service and stop flooding your inbox with messages from advertisers, salespersons, etc.

In today’s cyber world, no information or data on the internet is safe. The best way to avoid being spammed is to use fake phone numbers. Again, for all those fictional story/ movie writers, who want fake phone numbers for their scripts that might need to look valid but are certainly non-working, our fake phone number generator can be a boon. This will ensure that later on if some crazy fan of their fiction thinks of using this number to dial-up, it reaches nowhere.

How does our fake number generator work?

It is simple. Our random fake number generator is not a tough game to ride on. You will be required to select the country where you reside from the list. Tap on the desirable country, be it UK, Canada, Australia and India, to find a list of fake phone numbers for you to choose as per your requirement. Easy peasy. So go ahead and fill out on those sites asking unnecessary information about its users to get their data.

After all, what you get is a peace of mind that your phone number is safe with you and your reliable people. Revealing your number to a stranger may put you at great danger.

With our random phone number generator, you can create an account on a site or use it for your fictional writing. Whatever it may be, these non- working 100% valid numbers will help you steal the moment without losing anything.

Use these fake phone numbers responsibly

We want to warn you on using these fake phone numbers only for genuine purposes. Because, these fake phone numbers are 100% valid but 0% working. So, even if you try using it for some not so good uses, you will not be safe. The use of fake numbers are only meant for purposes wherein the user may not be interested to withhold his/her private details which can lead to an unnecessary influx of messages and calls.

This is only meant to relieve the citizens of those unwanted and time-wasting calls and messages. Be mature to understand those places where you do not want to let go of your personal details only for the sake of information or since someone asked.

If you are wondering that creating a fake number is no big deal and that you can generate one easily by shuffling a few digits here and there, then let us help you correct this idea. You may be able to create a random phone number. It may be even valid. But the problem arises, when the fake phone number generated by you is also 100% working.

We do not want that to happen. Do we? As It can create needless problems in someone else’s lives. Need a more Clearer explanation? Then here is an example for a better understanding.Imagine the character from your very own scripted TV/radio show has a phone number that is said out loud and some creepy audience tries to dial it up. What if it is a valid number?

You may be causing some unnecessary problems to a citizen. This may happen if you try to make up a phone number that may accidentally be someone’s real number. To avoid these situations, use our random fake number generator website/app.

We want to again inform you that these fake phone numbers are not meant to fool someone or hurt their emotion. So, please use our random phone number generator responsibly. Now, swoop into our awesome random phone number generator website/app, and get access to a range of fake phone numbers from countries such as Australia, UK, Canada and India Have Fun.

Frequently asked questions

There are many different ways to fake or spoof number, one of the most common ways would be using a call forwarding website or app that will assist you in getting a temporary number that are more oriented towards burner numbers.

Texting via anonymous or fake number is quite simple. All you got to do is visit any site/app that allows you to fake texts. Once you enter this site/app, you would only have to fill in the number and text message that you wish and send it. The receiver of the text will thereby not be able to identify your number.

Certain websites/app will help you in creating masked phone numbers, with their assistance you will be able to generate a fake number that you may later give to guys.

The finest app for this kind of service would be (App Name), this app will assist you with various features and services that you may avail for generating fake number and texts as well.

God doesn’t require a phone number for you to have a conversation with him. Let’s just assume that Gods phone number is a toll free number without you being held on queue that is connected directly to your heart.

All you need to do is, have faith and close your eyes and pray and talk to him, as it will reach directly to his desk.

The answer to this would be a YES, because your phone number itself is more like a key to access a whole lot of your information. With today’s technology and even better around us it would only be a child’s play for a to hack your account, with the phone number alone.

Therefore always be cautious with the people, company, firm, websites and links with which you share your phone number.